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Big Cock &
Le Grand Coq
Candle Collections

Man-crafted. Hand-poured soy.

Est. 2020

Distinctive, provocative and man-crafted to arouse the senses. Our passion is creating hand-poured candles using exotic, bold and alluring fragrance wax blends. Whether your taste is a high-end, sophisticated black Le Grand Coq Candle or prefer the daily burn of our affordable Big Cock Candle line, our highly fragranced, crackling wood wick candles are truly second to none in scent, burn and quality. 

Hand-crafted for you to ensure the best candle experience possible. 

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Available at the Following Fine Retailers

Big Cock Candle Collection

About Face - Mequon, WI

Alpine Gift Haus - Cedarburg, WI

Argosy LTD - Brookfield, WI                          Banded Barbershop - St. Francis, WI         

Beard MKE - Milwaukee's East Side              Coehlo Winery - Willamette Valley, OR      Copper Cactus Ranch - Queen Valley, AZ

Door County Nature Works - Egg Harbor, WI  Funky Chicken Stores - Key West, FL          Locally Inspired - Port Washington, WI

Meraki Spa - Thiensville, WI

Platinum Salon - Wauwatosa, WI

SHOO - Milwaukee's Third Ward         

Sip MKE - Mequon, WI 

The Flannel Fox - Wauwatosa, WI                      

Le Grand Coq Collection

Argosy LTD - Brookfield, WI 

Alpine Gift Haus - Cedarburg, WI                 

Designers 2 - Steven's Point, WI

Door County Nature Works - Egg Harbor, WI

Lifestyles by Bliss - Sturgeon Bay ,WI

Oak & Linen - Shorewood, WI

Peabody's Interiors - Mequon, WI                  Platinum Salon - Wauwatosa, WI

SHOO - Milwaukee's Third Ward                  Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge - Waukesha, WI

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Burning Guidelines

  1. Do not burn candle for more than 4 continuous hours. This may result in an increase in flame size, potential smoking and a faster wax burn.

  2. Always make sure wood wick is trimmed. (Tip: Use your index finger to rid excess burned wood). This will ensure a consistent, slow burn.

  3. As candle nears its end, keep wick trimmed to ensure a reasonable flame size (usually less than 1.5"). Burning a candle for more than 3 - 4 continuous hours when wax level is low and flame is high could result in glass container cracking. Although rare, this remains a possibility.

  4. To ensure a perfect burn every time, burn your candle for at least an hour. This will allow the melted wax pool to cover the entire surface of the candle, and will prevent any tunneling issues with future burnings.

  5. Always make sure candle is within sight while burning. Never leave candle unattended or within reach of children.

Burning Issues

Candle won't stay lit?

Common cotton wick candles often will not light or stay lit because there is too much of a wax pool around the wick. Unlike cotton wick candles, wood wick candles are just the opposite. So, when trying to light or keep your candle burning, do not swirl wax to the outer edges of the container, but rather hold the flame to the wick until wax pools around the wick and the burn is consistent. This should resolve your issue. 

If all else fails, as wicks can be defective, please email a video to for a candle exchange.

Candle smokes or burns too fast?

This is an easy fix! Simply keep that wood wick clean from burnt wood after the previous burn. To ensure a consistent, clean and slow burn, please make sure the wick is trimmed. Tip: Use your index finger to rid excess burned wood before relighting your candle. And keep your burn time under 4 hours. That's it!


The Story Behind the Company Name

Meet the real Fonzie.

As a young boy, I loved spending time on my grandparent’s farm – home to one big, mean rooster – ironically named Fonzie. Although handsome, no one was safe from this savage bird beast. He would fiercely attack anyone walking to the farmhouse or barn, gouging the hell out of our legs with his talons, all to bravely protect his precious hens. Despite the years, PTSD and leg scars still remain. Sick of the harsh Wisconsin winters, Fonzie the big cock now resides with my aunt in northern Arizona. In celebration of our relentless Wisconsin family farm mascot, I hope you enjoy your man-crafted, strongly-scented Big Cock Candle.

​Best – Mike, Founder & CEO – Big Cock Candle Company

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Reviews and Feedback

What they're saying.

Steven - Racine, WI

I opened each one and could not decide which one to light first. The smell of these candles is absolutely amazing! I guarantee that you will not find these decadent candle fragrances anywhere other than Big Cock Candle Company.

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