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Cedar Vanille Wood Wick Candle - 8 oz.

Cedar Vanille Wood Wick Candle - 8 oz.


A timeless warm and sophisticated fragrance combining bold earthy tones and a strong woody base, all carefully blended with classic vanilla and a touch of cedarwood. A perfect choice for both men and women.


    At Big Cock Candle Company, we believe that every candle you purchase should not only arouse the senses, but be truly distinctive in scent and style. That's why we pride ourselves on our unique, strongly-scented fragrance formulas, crackling wood wicks and hand-blended para-soy wax. Our high-quality ingredients allow for a slow, clean burn of approximately 40-50 hours and a permeating, room-filling hot scent throw (once burning). To ensure a consistent and slow burn, please make sure the wicks are trimmed (use your index finger to rid excess burned wood). We hope you thoroughly enjoy your purchase. Thank you!


    Because our candle fragrances are limited and custom-blended per candle batch, all sales are final. 


    Shipping costs will be determined per weight, per candle and added to the final cost of your order. The approximate range of shipping costs are as follows:


    1 - 3 candles = $10.50 total

    4 - 6 candles = $17.50 total

    7 - 10 candles = $22.50 total

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